Opening of bankruptcy proceedings for envion AG

By decision of 14 November 2018, the Cantonal Court of Canton Zug dissolved envion AG, with its registered office in Baar, in accordance with Art. 731b par. 1 n. 3 of the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO; SR 220) and ordered its liquidation in accordance with the provisions on bankruptcy. The appeal period has now expired unused and the decision is therefore final. For conducting the bankruptcy proceedings, the Bankruptcy Office Zug has mandated the law firm Wenger Partner Rechtsanwälte as auxiliary person.

In a first phase, the Bankruptcy Office Zug and its auxiliary shall gain an overview of the situation. At the same time, the auxiliary takes inventory of the assets belonging to the bankrupt's estate and takes the necessary measures to secure them in consultation with the Bankruptcy Office Zug.

The Bankruptcy administration and its auxiliary intend to keep the media regularly informed. They kindly ask the media for their understanding that media enquiries will not be answered individually in the first weeks of the proceedings due to the high workload.

This website contains current media releases from the Bankruptcy estate as well as specific information for those affected by the bankruptcy (creditors, contract partners, etc.).

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