1. Filing of claims arising from tokens or their acquisition

    Together with a specialist in the field of blockchain and crypto technology, the auxiliary persons have therefore developed an electronic portal for receiving the claim submissions and the EVN tokens. The portal ensures the complete claim registration and transmission of the tokens electronically. This simplifies the further processing of the proceedings to a considerable extent.

    All creditors who assert claims arising from EVN tokens or their acquisition must therefore register these claims during the 30 day-submission period via the portal provided for this purpose. This also applies to those creditors who have already filed their claims with Wenger Plattner Rechtsanwälte in writing, i.e. also those have to register additionally in the portal and submit their EVN tokens. Access to the portal, which was launched on 28 October 2019, occurs only via the website (Link to the portal). Guidelines for the use of the portal have already been posted on this website on 27 September 2019. Creditors are requested to read these carefully before they start the registration process in the portal. They shall also imperatively use the same e-mail address for registration in the portal that they used to purchase the EVN tokens (ICO).

  2. Filing of other claims
    Creditors who assert claims that are not related to the acquisition of EVN tokens (e.g. employees, suppliers, banks, tax authorities) are requested not to register their claims in the portal. Those can use the registration form in the section Call to creditors on this website.
  3. Communication
    Due to the high number of investors / buyers of tokens, it is unfortunately not possible to provide individual   answers   to   the   information   requests   sent   by   e-mail.   Please   note   also   that   no acknowledgements of receipt for incoming letters and e-mails will be made. Current information in connection with the bankruptcy proceedings will be published on the website on an ongoing basis.

    Furthermore, please note that neither the present and / or future communication(s) nor any other references regarding the claim registration procedure in any way shall be construed as an acknowledgment of claims in the current bankruptcy proceedings. The material examination of the claims will occur at a later stage in the course of the so-called collocation procedure

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