1. At the present stage of the procedure, it is basically not necessary to file any claims. The notice to creditors, which causes the start of the deadline for filing the claims, will occur at a later stage and will be published on the website and in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce ( The filing deadline is no forfeiture deadline, which means that late submissions of claims will also be considered.

  2. However, it is already possible to make claim registrations at this point of time (however see point 4 below). In this case, we kindly ask you to use the form “Registration of claims” ( and to follow the respective instructions on the form. The form, together with the enclosures, has to be sent to the following address: Wenger Plattner Rechtsanwälte, RA Pablo Duc / RA Dr. Sébastien Gobat, Postfach 667, 8702 Zollikon.
  3. Investors / buyers of tokens who file claims are not required to fill out the box “Class”. Furthermore, claims will also be accepted if no domicile for service in Switzerland is indicated. However, please note that for those people the only legally binding domicile for service is the bankruptcy office, irrespective of whether they are directly served with correspondence or not.
  4. The auxiliary is currently reviewing the business activity of envion AG, and more specifically the operations around the ICO. It is also examined whether further information on the way claims shall be announced will be provided in the course of the notice to creditors. However, please note that the claimants are solely responsible for the correct and complete filing of their claims. Neither the Bankruptcy Office Zug, nor the auxiliary have an advisory function in this regard; they cannot legally represent them either.
  5. Due to the high number of investors / buyers of tokens, it is unfortunately not possible to provide individual answers to the information requests sent by e-mail. Please note also that no acknowledgements of receipt for incoming letters and e-mails will be made. Current information in connection with the bankruptcy proceedings will be published on the website on an ongoing basis.
  6. Furthermore, please note that neither the present and / or future communication(s) nor any other references regarding the claim registration procedure in any way shall be construed as an acknowledgment of claims in the current bankruptcy proceedings. The material examination of the claims will occur at a later stage in the course of the so-called collocation procedure.”
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