Current status of proceedings / Convening of the first creditors' meeting

In the context of the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, the call to creditors was published on 28 October 2019 and all known creditors were requested to register their claims and to transfer their tokens. All known creditors were informed of the call to creditors by means of a so-called special notice. Subsequently, more than 6,000 creditors registered their claims in the portal set up for this purpose and submitted over 57 million tokens to the bankruptcy administration. All registrations were checked for completeness by the auxiliary person and creditors with incomplete registrations were requested to submit the missing information and / or documents. In accordance with the requirements of the Swiss Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law (SchKG), claim registrations can still be submitted.

The bankruptcy proceedings of envion AG are conducted as ordinary bankruptcy proceedings. Accordingly, the first creditors' meeting represents the next essential procedural step (see the Scheme of the bankruptcy proceedings of the bankruptcy proceedings). Within the framework of the filing of claims, around 600 creditors have so far announced that they wish to attend the meeting. Due to the measures ordered by the Federal Council on 16 March 2020 and subsequently supplemented to combat the COVID-19 epidemic (COVID-19 Ordinance 2), the creditors' meeting – which, in accordance with the requirements of the Swiss Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law (SchKG), must in principle be held physically – will not be convened at present. The further course of action will depend on the development of the COVID 19 epidemic and the measures ordered by the authorities in this connection, and the bankruptcy administration will continually examine the possibilities that arise.

We thank you for your understanding. For information on the current status of the proceedings, we recommend that you continue to consult this website regularly.

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